4 Things to Do to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Once your teeth are damaged or destroyed, so is your beautiful smile. Teeth do not grow back nor can some of the damage be repaired. It is essential to keep your teeth strong and healthy now to prevent problems later. How can you keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright and white? Use the four tips below to aid in that process.

1.    Brush & Floss: Brush and floss the teeth twice per day to remove dirt and stains, stuck-on particles, plaque, and bacteria from the teeth in the mouth. Brush in the morning and at night before bed. Never skip a day of brushing and eat an apple to keep your teeth fresh when you cannot brush.

2.    Schedule That Appointment: It is essential that you schedule annual dental exams los angeles to ensure that your oral health is always at its best. The dentist will clean the teeth during this exam as well as look for signs of decay or gum disease. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment whenever other oral health problems occur.

3.    Watch What You Eat: Avoid acidic foods that can rot the teeth, as well as sugary substances and carbohydrates! These foods can be enjoyed of course, but do so in moderation to avoid causing any type of damage to the teeth.

4.    Use Fluoride: Although some adults think that only kids need fluoride, the truth is that adults can benefit just as much. Fluoride hardens to the enamel of the teeth which helps prevent cavities.

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If you want to enjoy a beautiful white smile and healthy teeth for as long in the future as possible, use the four tips above to help in that process. You can enjoy your smile when you keep this information in mind.