MRI Without Tears

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open MRI

Your doctor has ordered a test for you and it is a simple scan. There is no pain involved at all. You just have to make an appointment with a local clinic to have an MRI done. It was once the case that this sort of scan was done in a confined space but now that is different. Now you can do it in an open space.

A Better MRI

If you have never heard of an open MRI before, now is the time you will get to know it. It is the same as any other MRI scan would be but it is not done in a confined space. The field is open so you can be more comfortable with the scan and not need sedation.

Many people suffer from claustrophobia. It is just a fear of confined spaces, nothing fatal, but it can feel quite terrifying and can ruin a good scan. The MRI you are about to have is costly so you want to have it done right the first time. You have to remain still.

An Easy Scan

You have to admit that it will be easier to stay still if you are not all cooped up in a tight tube for the duration of the scan. With the MRI being open, you will feel comfortable and you will be just fine. This has been created so you can have an easy and accurate scan.

Subtle Accuracy

While you might be thinking that this open scan must have some drawbacks, the fact of the matter is it is just as accurate as any other MRI that could be done. In fact, the MRI is generally more detailed than other scans and is the best way to see soft tissues.

Your doctor ordered this scan so they could see what is going on. Have it done.